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Convince Your Boss to Send You to BTF 2024

BTF 2024 is a must-attend event. We share some of the top tips to convince your boss why your should attend

BTF Conference & Festival has long been considered a must-attend event - from world-class speakers and thought-provoking sessions to thousands of folks in attendance and some of the world's most innovative companies under one roof - you do not want to miss our fifth annual event.

With so much professional development and business opportunities on offer, we've put together a few tips you can use to make a case to you boss for why you should attend and why they should fund your ticket

Its all about the network

This year, we expect over 7,000  people in attendance. That's a lot of people and there are plenty of networking opportunities baked into our programming. Whilst you 'get' the power of this (and you probably can't wait to join them), your boss may be interested in how you may be able to get in front of decision-makers or are you able to get leads. Remember 24% are Director and above and 24% come to network which means plenty of opportunities to authentically connect and build your network which should be a plus to any organisation.

Bring back the knowledge

Our session content blends inspirational to practical and thought-provoking. You can have a look at our past content to get a feel for the topics and content on offer. Keeping up to date on innovative trends and technologies reshaping how we work is critical and will be valued if you can bring this back to the organisation.

Send a request

Now it's time to send a formal request. As with any conference, your attendence at BTF 2024 will be associated with some costs, and your boss will need to consider the ROI. Make it easy by offering them by offering the following

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